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ProPakt will verify IMCA recognised certification of registered Freelance Professionals.

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We understand the marine and offshore industry and acknowledge that one-off or multiple Freelancer requirements will always vary between projects. So you can enjoy the freedom of paying per ProPakt or purchase a pack of ProPakts that suit your needs.  Alternatively, subscribe trouble free for unlimited usage on a monthly fee..

Details can be found in our Terms and Conditions to be found at the bottom of the website.


ProPakt supports Maritime Offshore projects such as offshore energy, (oil and gas, wind, tidal), maritime salvage, inspection repair and maintenance, installation etc. Basically we support IMCA or non-IMCA standard projects that require Commercial Diving, ROV, Hydrographic Survey, relevant deck and offshore administrative personnel, OCM's and Client representatives. In the future ProPakt intends to expand for other professions as well.

ProPakt currently specialises in Commercial Diving, ROV and Survey Personnel with relevant Deck and Offshore Management positions also included. A Freelancer can opt to make himself available for multiple types of positions. Let us know if you would like to have other positions included via

Absolutely! ProPakt includes IMCA registered personnel. As per IMCA guidelines, you will be able to access to the Freelancer's IMCA E-Portfolio, and ProPakt will even verify IMCA recognised certification.

ProPakt will contact the certifying authority to check the validity of certificates recognised by IMCA. This includes certificates issued from HSE, NDC, OPITO any any other authority who issue certificates recognised by IMCA. The list of recognised certificates may be found on the IMCA website .

Yes and No. Let us explain: Freelance Professionals who provide Freelancer Services through their own Trading Entity should include insurances to cover respective risks. Freelancers should upload their insurance documents which can be viewed and verified by the client after a Work Order is confirmed. Freelancers who do not have a registered trading entity and work through ProPakt Personnel BV, will be covered by ProPakt Personnel's medical and repatriation insurance policy, whilst on the way to, on, and on the way back from the job. ProPakt have taken this insurance out with Anker Crew Insurance ( The policy is automatically included in your profile.

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