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Currently for Commercial Diving, ROV, Hydrographic and Geotechnical survey, Rope access, selected deck and offshore administrative personnel, OCM's and Client representatives.

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When travelling back from the job, confirm your time worked on ProPakt and your invoice is issued. Either with your registered Freelancer Business number or as a Payrolled Freelancer. View the payment process in real time.


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Upload your IMCA E-Portfolio, certifications, contractor licenses, third party assessments, passports and insurances.  

Wind, Maritime, Oil & Gas industry, GWO, UXO, STCW, VCA, OPITO, CSWIP 3.1U, 3.2U, 3.3U, 3.4U Life Support, ADCI, INPP, DCBC, ADAS, NOGEPA, MTCS, Medic, Surface Supplied, Confined Space, Medical, DMT, Diver, Chamber Operator, Underwater Welder, Divetechnician, ROV, Survey, IHO.

 We will keep track and remind you of the expiration date so you can focus on other things.


At the end of your project, you will be able to complete your invoice data on and send the invoice at the push of a button with all Client required information already included correctly. First a pro-forma invoice for approval, and when approved by the Client automatically a final invoice. The Client will pay to ProPakt. Since the Client will be familiar with the invoice format, and only needs one bank account to pay to for all their Freelance Professionals found on, the payment process is optimised and there should not be any mistakes or delays in payment. Obviously getting paid by the Client and paying the Freelancer is the core of our business continuity so ProPakt will do everything in their power to support the process. Our terms and conditions clearly identify what we (that's all of us as Client, Freelance Professional and ProPakt) can do from a legal perspective, and we will endeavor to support accordingly as much as reasonably possible. If a Client shows bad payment behaviour ProPakt will take action. ProPakt will then communicate, inactivate or, in worse case, blacklist and delete the Client from the database.

The platform currently specialises in Commercial Diving, ROV and Hydrographic Survey Freelancers. It allows you to show your availability for multiple positions in these specialities, with the option for other related positions such as deck support, administrator or OCM if you find this applicable.

The ProPakt Platform aims to simplify your working life and get your profile in front of prospective Clients all around the world. You will need to upload all your information only once and then keep it up to date. When you are contacted for a job you are able to negotiate and agree on your work order, secure a job, get working, then send your invoices and manage your bookkeeping through ProPakt. At the time you are working, you will show availability for the next job at the same time! ProPakt wants to create a platform which is efficient for both Clients and Freelancers.

ProPakt recommends that all Freelance Professionals upload a profile photo and display their name correctly. Employers are more likely to select a Freelance Professional if they can see the profile photo. You can upload or update your own profile photo by going to your ProPakt settings > Account > Upload Photo The best profile photo to use will focus on your face with ample light. Note: ProPakt reserves the right to remove profile photos and display names that are deemed inappropriate.

To update your skills or account details, Log In and go to the Settings tab under your profile settings. The profile icon is your profile photo located in the top right hand corner of the page. Add or edit the information and SAVE

Only registered Clients can see the ratings and reviews of Freelance Professionals. Reviews and ratings about the Client can only be released by the Client for review by other Freelance Professionals. Otherwise the ratings and reviews of clients are provided for the quality assessment and industry competitiveness. All reviews are screened by ProPakt administration prior to releasing online.

ProPakt is completely free for Freelance Professionals to register and promote their profile on the ProPakt website. A small fee is charged to all Freelance Professionals to cover administration and banking fees, payable when invoices are paid by the Client to the Freelancer. Freelance Professionals who do not provide Freelancer Services through their own Trading Entity and who are pay-rolled through ProPakt Personnel will be charged an additional service fee, payable when invoices are paid by the Client to the Freelancer. More information on these fees can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

ProPakt supports Maritime Offshore projects such as offshore energy, (oil and gas, wind, tidal), maritime salvage, inspection repair and maintenance, installation etc. Basically we support IMCA or non-IMCA standard projects that require Commercial Diving, ROV, Hydrographic and Geotechnical survey, Rope access, selected deck and offshore administrative personnel, OCM's and Client representatives. In the future ProPakt intends to increase the amount of positions.

ProPakt is a website which can connect Clients to Freelancers who have their own registered freelancer entity. Invoices are sent through and most Clients require an Entity or Business Registration Number. If you don't have an entity, choose to invoice using ProPakt Personnel BV in your profile and ProPakt will take care of the administration.

The client will not see your working day-rate. Clients are likely to use day-rates in their search criteria so we suggest you select realistic rate expectations in order to come up in searches. All day rates, standby rates, travelling rates and other rates such as Sat rates can be discussed with the Client when negotiating a Work Order.

You have the option to delay the confirmation until you get a phone signal back.

ProPakt caters for Freelance Professionals worldwide, with many different rules and regulations regarding GST/VAT/BTW etc. In order to allow each Freelancer to send an invoice according the jurisdiction of their entity, you have to enter your own rate. If you are not obliged to a charge service tax, just enter 0%.

No, however we hope to become the platform of choice when you are booking your Freelancer jobs. We are aiming to make ProPakt as efficient and user friendly for everyone so when a Client wants to hire you, you will ask them to book you through ProPakt! Don't forget to give you constructive feedback to and we will respond!

Yes and No. Let us explain: Freelance Professionals who provide Freelancer Services through their own Trading Entity should include insurances to cover respective risks. Freelancers should upload their insurance documents which can be viewed and verified by the client after a Work Order is confirmed. Freelancers who do not have a registered trading entity will be covered by ProPakt Personnel's medical and repatriation insurance policy, whilst on the way to, on, and on the way back from the job. ProPakt have taken this insurance out with Anker Crew Insurance (

Don't hesitate to send us a message and tell us about it. Contact us at with the certificate or document you are referring to and we'll update the list.

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